Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What is it?

This is a tool that has been used for thousands of years. Write a three paragraph essay describing it. The first paragraph should describe what it looks like. The second paragraph should describe what it is used for. The third paragraph should tell a story about the object. Do not feel like you have to figure out what it is "for real". Make up whatever you would like, but make sure that it makes sense in terms of what the object looks like. Post your paragraph as a comment by Tuesday, September 28th at 10pm. ALSO, read the writing of the person who posted just before you (if you are first, you may come back and ream whomever's you like), and be prepared to talk to them in class about it.


  1. The Golden Candle Holder

    At first glance i was puzzled as to what

    this object could be used for than , my

    imagination begin to play it's part.I decided

    i would call this this object a medieval golden

    candle burner. The object appears to be made of

    gold with silk coil to hold it together.The

    design of the animal head displays great

    craftmanship. The small bowl on the end is

    where i think the candle was placed. The object

    heavy weight made it stationary .

    This object was placed along long hall

    ways of castles to provide lighting. The object

    is made of gold with silk coil it must have

    been used by the royal socialite. The animal

    design on it was as a signature of its

    The Royal Court is having a party

    tonight the castle is decorated both inside

    and out with the grand golden candle

    burners. They outlined the long trail to the

    front entrance. It was an amazing site to see.

    As we entered the foyer the golden holders

    lined each hallway giving off flickering of

    light. The event was suited for royaity

    kings,queens,Prince and Princess.

    Delores Kitts

  2. This object to me looks like a back in the day iron that was used by English settlers. It has a handle where you can grasp on and hold the object steady while pressing. The metal plate at the bottom is where the heat is transfered from the fire to the object that needs to be pressed. The handle which is gold is not a good conductor because its like aluminum foil, it won't get as hot or stay hot. So that is why the silver metal plate would be the part that presses the clothing straight. The little silver bowl like thing on the side is the place that holds water so that it can create steam in the process.
    This object is used for pressing and steaming clothes. To get the wrinkles and kinks out. It is mainly used for formal gatherings, when the gentlemen need their best pair of slacks and shirts with a bow tie pressed. It is also used to press out masa, which is like a dough used for bread and tortillas and lots of other stuff. It also makes the food a little toasty if you wanted.
    This objected was first invented while two men were preparing for a wedding. Time was running out very quickly and they needed to wash their underwear asap. So they washed their underwear, but when you wash, you need to at least hang dry for a good whole day. They did not have a whole day to let the clothing dry. When you wash clothes, they are damp, dingy, and wrinkled. So the two men needed a remedy that was swift to make it in time for the wedding. Thats when they came up with the steel iron. The two men started a fire and attached a brass knuckle handle to a metal steel bar that was wrapped around with black wire. On the side they carved a screw in hole where they put a used silver ring that one of the men were wearing and molded it with fire to make a scoop like shape for the water and steam. The next thing that they thought of was to carefully get the metal steel hot to straighten out the wrinkles in their under garments. They ran through the clothing with the object in a motion as if you were combing your hair. They did this back and forth for six times. Next thing they knew was that the wrinkles were no longer there. The two men, Jess Steel and Jack Iron, came to a conclusion that this new discovery of this new object needed a name, Steel Iron; hence the last names of the people who invented this object.